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Smart Youth

It is the youths who spearhead the change.If they are well aware and smart they can act as an agent of socioeconomic transformation.

We conduct a series of training cum workshops  regarding the promotion of various areas of Tourism .Such programs are conducted in  both inside and outside the Kathmandu valley.Basically, the workshops/training are conceptualized and designed with an  aim to increase youth engagement in streamlining the over all growth of the Nepali tourism sector. Such training/workshops are design especially to build capacity among the young people in a way that helps in the promotion and preservation of various tourism attractions in the country.

Education on cultural heritage
Education on cultural heritage is a long term program which is focused on encouraging the students to promote and preserve the iconic cultural heritage of Nepal. EFCH will make capable to the student to participate in heritage conservation programs through different activities like document presentation, Debate yaatra, formal classes, and field visit. It enables tomorrow’s leaders to participate in heritage conservation and to respond to the continuity threats facing our world heritage sites.